Southwestern Family of Companies

Southwestern Family of Companies is an international, employee-owned conglomerate. It was started in 1855 as Southwestern Publishing House. In 2023, it was made up of 19 individual businesses. These businesses are in various industries including publishing, insurance, investment services, real estate, travel, business and leadership coaching, and sales. History In 1855,

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Company values: communication

In the last post, we discussed the definition of values and why they are important. However, creating values is not enough; they won’t make sense if you don’t communicate and use them correctly. Now, let’s explore how to make your values resonate with your people—something crucial for your company culture

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Company values: definition and importance

Having clear company values is like having a compass for your team. These values aren’t just words on paper; they’re the guiding principles that shape our company’s vision and culture. It’s not just a formality – it’s the heartbeat of our business. Think about it, a business without core values

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ERGO INsurance

ERGO has been among the leading insurance groups in the Baltic States and offers a complete range of coverage including general insurance along with life and health insurance. Over 640,000 customers in the Baltic States trust the services, know-how and financial stability of ERGO Group.
Two companies are consolidated under the ERGO name in Estonia: the general insurance company ERGO Insurance SE and the life insurance company ERGO Life Insurance SE Eesti filiaal.