How to deal with objections?

Closing deals is an art, and we’ve got the brush strokes you need to paint success. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the world of deals, these steps will guide you to victory. We will teach you how to cover objections and come through them as a winner.

Understanding the Objections

Before diving in, let’s get on the same page. Understanding objections is key. Ask open-ended questions, like, “What concerns do you have about our proposal?” Imagine they say, “I’m not sure we can afford this.” Now, you know the objection is budget-related.

Validating the Objections

Respect is the name of the game. Once you understand the objection, validate it. If they express budget concerns, respond with, “I completely understand the importance of managing costs. It’s a valid concern, and I appreciate you bringing it up.”

Providing a Solution

Now comes the magic. Offer a solution that aligns with your value proposition. Suppose they’re worried about the cost. Share a success story: “We worked with [similar company] facing the same budget constraints. By implementing our solution, they not only saved costs but also increased efficiency by 20%.”

Confirming the Solution

Make sure it lands. Confirm that your solution wipes out the objection. Ask, “Does this solution address your budget concerns? Are there any other aspects you’d like to discuss?” This ensures they’re on board before moving forward.

Asking for the Commitment

No beating around the bush. Ask for the sale with confidence. “Based on our discussion, it seems our solution fits your needs perfectly. Can we move forward with the contract signing? I’m excited to get started on this with you!”

The Feel-Felt-Found Formula

Connect on a personal level. Use the feel-felt-found formula to show understanding. “I totally understand how you feel. When I talked to Sarah from [company name], she felt the same way about the budget concerns. However, she found out that by reorganizing priorities, the budget worked perfectly.”

Building Confidence and Commitment

Closing deals requires confidence and commitment. Be yourself and embrace your unique style. Remember, confidence comes with practice. Close people at least three times, if they say after third time also “No”, then keep going to next person. Commit to learning and evolving. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous initially, but each close is a step towards mastering the art.

In the mix of all this, remember to share your own stories or real-world examples in the “Here’s what else to consider” section. Make it personal, make it relatable. Closing deals is a journey, not a destination. By following these steps and adding your unique flair, you’ll be sealing the deal like a pro. Go out there and practice!

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